Don’t deny it, you’ve at one time or another wondered what it would be like to be on the set of a game show. (We all have, so don’t feel weird about it.)

Our latest creative for the Virginia Lottery’s new Win A Spin Scratcher captures this emotion and gives audiences a taste of what it would be like to go from scratching the Win A Spin Scratcher to being on the set of a game show, spinning a prize wheel in front of a live audience. Because, well, that’s exactly what could happen when you play Win A Spin – you scratch to spin and spin to win.

The 30-second TV spot features a woman who goes into a convenience store to purchase a Win A Spin Scratcher, but when the cashier hands the customer the game, it sets off a chain reaction. Suddenly the convenience store is transformed into a game show set, complete with a cheering studio audience. Oh and the host is none other than the legendary, Wink Martindale (link to his Wikipedia or something), who breaks down the game and urges the customer turned contestant to… (Cue studio audience) Spin! The! Wheel!

The spot’s set design, wardrobe and music take cues from the retro game shows we all know and love. Because once we secured Wink Martindale as our host, how could we not fully embrace the 70s/80s game show feel! It’s old school meets a totally new way to game, can you dig it?