As many of you know, we recently moved from an outmoded office park to a trendy and modish neighborhood.
Excitement and anticipation lingered as we packed up and prepared to move into a wide-open, newly renovated warehouse with soaring ceilings. Knowing my space would be smaller in the new digs, the daunting task of editing the flotsam I had collected over the years was upon me. I could no longer ignore the need to part with decades of stuff. The “stuff” that had just gotten boxed up and unloaded down the hall in another office now had to be addressed. And boy, I felt a purge coming on. This was my chance, (cue Lynard Skynard Free Bird). Though as I began the process some questions emerged.

  1. How do I distinguish what I need and let go of the rest?
  2. How do I make the old and the new compliment each other?
  3. How do I keep the authentic self, shaped through the years, but meld it with the need to embrace ever constant change?

These same points should be considered when reviewing your marketing. Are you hanging on to your “stuff” because you don’t know what to keep or toss? Afraid to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak? To that I'd say, don’t automatically continue every past campaign that you’ve done over the years simply because you’ve “always done it.” Truth is, some of the things we do in marketing and in life are predicated by our comfort level.  Don’t box up your stuff and move it. Weed it out.
I’m not suggesting that every program, sponsorship and campaign you’ve ever done be scraped. I am suggesting you embrace change! First, separate the bath water and save the baby. As you move forward, identify the “baby;” your goals, culture, or mission statement and get rid of everything that doesn’t align with or support them.

  1. Make your public image work for you while staying true to the goals you’ve outlined in  your short and long term plan.
  2. Decide which of your past efforts should be combined into a new direction and which ones need to be abandoned or at the very less updated.
  3. What “stuff” do you need to let go of? Are you hanging on to old marketing points? Strip it down.

You may have to dig deep to find the best avenue to market your business. And recognize that it’s going to be a process. Change is gonna’ come. But with diligence and a fearless attitude, you can meet it head on.
Shelley Sergent
Senior Media Buyer & Planner